Clifftop 2020 cover

Clifftop 2020 - Mississippi Travelers
"So, during the pandemic there's been a fair amount of ... semi-secret recording going on. Here's one of the projects at last coming to light. The Appalachian fiddle community couldn't do its traditional pilgrimage to Clifftop, WV last summer, in which thousands of musicians congregate for 10 days of playing, camping and seeing the best in humanity. It's the best party ever. For many of us, it's the real way that we count time; a person who goes there described the last night of Clifftop as her New Year's Eve, and that's about right. Harry Bolick, a dear friend and fiddler with whom I've been playing for 20 years, wrote a series of tunes early in the pandemic named after all the towns around Clifftop, and they're some of the best tunes he's ever written. We recorded them over several weekends over the better part of the year. First we were on a porch, masked and sitting way too far apart. When it got cold, we decamped to a basement with a HEPA air purifier going. They sound to me now like part cry of grief, part hope for the future, and part testament to the resilience of a most wondrous and vibrant community of friends and musicians, scattered across the country and world, who managed to keep the flame alive during a dark and windy time. This weekend all of us will finally be fully vaccinated and we'll be able to sit close together, close enough to crawl into each other's instruments, and finally say hello. The light at the end is still a way off, but it seems brighter all the time." - Brian Slattery

Completely Lost Mississippi Fiddle tunes cover

The Completely Lost Mississippi Fiddle Tunes - 2 CD set with 45 friends
In the course of my extensive research into Mississippi fiddle tunes and their sources, I’ve come across dozens of orphaned titles where the melodies were lost. These 1930s era titles were noted in passing descriptions of local repertoire in WPA research, academic research, accounts of fiddle contests, lost 78rpm master recordings and advertisements for contests. The loss of these bits of our heritage has haunted me. Eventually I resolved, with the help of my good friend, Pat Conte, to expend our best efforts to “re-discovering” these completely lost melodies and their sources. We do hope you enjoy the fruits of our work.
A pdf with transcriptions and chords for many of the tunes can be downloaded as a bonus item on BandCamp.

Mississippi Travelers CD Archeology cover

Archeology - Mississippi Travelers with Nathan Bnontrager

Tunes From The Book CD cover

Tunes from the Book
Solo recording with some help from my friends featuring some of the most interesting tunes from my book "Mississippi Fiddle Tunes and Songs from the 1930s"

The Pleasure of your Company CD cover

The Pleasure of Your Company-Some of our favorite old timey songs and tunes, with Joel Wennerstrom

Come On Over and See Me sometime CD cover

Come On Over and See Me Sometime - Some of our favorite old timey songs and tunes with Brian Slattery

all the Time In The World CD cover

All the Time in the World
Sixteen new composed fiddle tunes by Bolick.

Carroll County Mississippi CD cover

Carroll County Mississippi
A project celebrating some of the great fiddle tunes from Carroll County musicians: Narmour and Smith, Mississippi John Hurt, The Mississippi Possum Hunters and Eugene Clardy. With one new self-composed tune - " Carrlollton"

That Banjo From Hell CD Cover

That Banjo From Hell- with Ken Bloom
Contains many Civil War era songs, some of our favorite tunes and several of Bolick's compositions, including "I think My Brains Fell Out"

Tunesmith Cassette Cover

Twenty -three tunes with nearly as many musicians helping out. Newly composed tune by Bolick and many others.

Teaching the Mule Manners Cassette Cover

Teaching the Mule Manners
My first recording from 1984 released on cassette only. Contains fourteen self-composed fiddle tunes. Free download with origninal liner notes.