Family and Field Recordings- Mississippi Fiddlers

These recordings are posted with the permission of the famlies of the fiddlers. Full information, photos and transcriptions for these tunes appear in the University Press of MIssissippi book
Fiddle Tunes from Mississippi - Commercial and Informal Recordings, 1920–2018


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John Anderson

Home Reocrdings:
Ashtree Air
De la say a la Maison
Fatback and Dumplings
Fatback and Dumplings variations
John Henry
Lake Ponchatrain Banjo
Lake Ponchatrain fiddle
Loch Lomand
Magnola Waltz
Parting Waltz
Sally in Garden
Spanish Fandango
Sullivan's Hollow
Tombigbee Waltz Banjo
Untitled-f tune
Wolves a Howling
Youtube video
Grub Springs, Kemper County Version
Possum Up A Gum Stump
Fatback and Dumplings
Tombigbee Waltz

Tim Avalon

Home Reocrdings:
Big Eyed Rabbit
Bill Tyler
Billy Cockren
Lazy Cat
Morning Crow
Pink Ladys Slippers
Avalon's CD Rural:
Sweet Milk and Peaches
Carroll County Blues
Kiss Me Waltz
Last Day of School
House of David Blues
High Pockets
Miss Sally Ann
Miss April's Waltz
Grub Springs
Captain Waldo's Hat
Lonesome Blues
Higgins Reel
Rural Liner Notes
the tune Straw Bonnet is not included due to a copyright dispute.

Enos Canoy

Arkansas Traveler

Jabe Dillon

The 78-rpm recording circa 1950:
Memphis Mail
The 45-rpm recording 1971:
Howling Hounds
Memphis Mail
Precious Memories
The family custom single copy 78-rpm recordings:
Brown Skinned Girl
Girl I Left Behind Me
Howling Hounds
Memphis Mail
Let Me Call You Sweetheart
Tomorrow Never Comes
Yoyo Blues
The Fank Dillon family home cassette recording circa 1980:
Arkansas Traveler
Buggy and a Hoss
In the Pines
Lamp Lighting Time
Memphis Mail
Miles Standish
Old Dan Tucker
Orange Peeling
Precious Memories
Red River Valley
Red Wing
Refused Love-Brownskinned Baby
Sally Goodin
Silver Haired Daddy of Mine
Turkey in Straw 1
Turkey in Straw 2
circa 1950s recording at
Old Bill and Redwing

John Gatwood

Third Party
Shear The Sheep Bobbie
Engineer Frank Hawk
Crawford March
Sitting On Top Of The World
Untitled 1958

Homer Grice

Bye Bye My Honey I'm Gone
Dead Cat On the Line
KInnie Wagner

Claude Kennedy of Simpson County

These recordings would seem to be from the 1970's but some of the tunes reflect a much earlier time. Claude was the fiddler in the 6 towns band that represented Mississippi at the Smithsonian Folklife festival in 1974.
Jack Magee has been generous in sharing these field recordings of his uncle Claude Kennedy.

Soggy Bottom 1
Soggy Bottom 2
Soggy Bottom 3
Claude's Dream
Dunkirk or 8th of January
Sally Goodwin
untitled 01 Bill Cheatham
untitled 02 Casey Jones
untitled 03 Clarinet Polka
untitled 04 DevilsDream
untitled 05 Golden Slippers
untitled 06 PaddyOnTurnpike
untitled 07 Rachael
untitled 08 TomAndJerry
untitled 09 Waltz

Leake County String Band

Mississippi Shuffle (George Gilmer)
My Waltz (Morgan Gilmer)
El Rancho Grande
Precious Memories

More Leake County String Band recordings on the Field Recorders Collective CD

Grover O'Briant

Untitled-7-Devils Dream
Untitled-8 Wolves a-howling
Untitled-9 Waltz
Reynolds Walt

Jimmy Porter

Catfish Medley
Porters Tune

Jerry Prescott

Grandmother Reel
Honey Bee Hornpipe
Mac Prescott Jig in A
Mississippi Fiddler
Mississippi Traveler
Mississippi Turnpike
Prescotts Hornpipe
Silver Bells