Claude Kennedy of Simpson County

Jack McGee has been generous in sharing these field recordings of his uncle Claude Kennedy.

At the moment I know very little about these recordings, including their titles. They would seem to be from the 1970's but some of the tunes reflect a much earlier time. Claude was the fiddler in the 6 towns band that represented Mississippi at the Smithsonian Folklife festival in 1974. By posting these recordings we hope to discover a bit more information about them.

Track 01 - Bill Cheatum

Track 02- Paddy on the Turnpike

Track 03 - Devil's Dream

Track 04 - Eighth of January (Called Dunkirk)

Track 05-  Medley

Track 06 - Mississippi Breakdown

Track 07- Sally Gooden

Track 08- (Somebody) on the Railroad (Paddy on the Turnpike)

Track 09 - Little Black Mustache (?)

Track 10- Little Black Mustache (?)

Track 11 - Soggy Bottom

Track 12 - Soggy Bottom

Track 13 - Soggy Bottom

Track 14- Soldier's Joy

Track 15 - medley of fragments

Track 16 - Tom and Jerry Rag

Track 17 - Amarillo Waltz with accompanyment

Track 18- Amarillo Waltz, solo

Track 19 - Waltz

Track 20 - Merry Widow Waltz

Track 21 - Ookpick Waltz