For as long as I have been playing fiddle, I have been composing fiddle tunes. Since my playing focus is in southern fiddling, I use southern folk fiddle techniques in my tunes. Some, like Carrollton, are an attempt to create a tune that would be a close fit to a traditional Mississippi fiddler's repertoire.

Clifftop 2020 contains sixteen of Hary's new compositions, each with a title pulled from a West Virginia map of the area near the Clifftop festival. Due to the pandemic, 2020 and 2021 are the years when the festival did not happen.

The Completely Lost Mississippi Fiddle Tunes 2-cd set features 26 of my latest tunes. The titles are from various 1930s sources which provided the inspiration for these new tunes. A PDF of the notation for the tunes can be downloaded from the link above.

A sccond volume, "Even More Completely Lost Mississippi Fiddle Tunes" is in progress.

My recording, All the Tme in the World organizes my compositions up to 2006. Twenty-two of my tunes are on the cd, another 35 are downloadable for free from my downloads page.

Most of the tunes on my first two recordings are self composed, "Teaching the Mule Manners" and "Tunesmith"

Most of my other recordings contain some of my composed tunes.