Ken Bloom: The Bowed Duldcimer
Tune From St. Andrews - I learned this one from Jane. She learned it from one of her students. None of us know the proper name for it.
Ken Bloom - bowed dulcimers, guitar
Jason Sypher - bass
Dark Road to Travel - I learned this from Mike Woods, a fine banjo player from Colorado I met one year at Galax.
Ken Bloom - bowed dulcimer, soprano clarinets, bass clarinet
Tango de Cuevas - I wrote this for David Cuevas. David was a very gifted dancer who was taken from us far too early, one of the early victims of AIDS. Playing this at his memorial was one of the toughest things I've ever had to do. © - Ken Bloom, 1988
Ken Bloom - bowed dulcimers, concert zither, domra
Dandy Lusk - I learned this from Brian Sullivan. I love the Swedish intro we did. I hope to expand on this approach in future projects.
Ken Bloom - bowed dulcimer
Harry Bolick - fiddle
Gil Sayer - banjo
Vainamoinen's Sorrow - I wrote this one for the passing of my Grandfather. He originally came from Vilno in Lithuania. I wrote this on the kantele but find it much more satisfying to play on the dulcimer. ©Ken Bloom, 1990
Ken Bloom - bowed dulcimer
Julian Kytasy - Poltavka bandura (Bondarivna)
Simple Gifts - I arranged this for the dulcimer orchestra that we have every year at the Dulcimer Workshop in Cullowee, NC. It was fun to arrange and I just wanted to hear what all the parts would sound like bowed! Ken Bloom - four bowed dulcimers Sara Armstrong - Harry suggested this one. It taught me a lot about moving the bow.
Ken Bloom - bowed dulcimer
Harry Bolick - fiddle
Gil Sayer - banjo
Baym Reben's Sude - literally "At the Rabbi 's Table." Another great tune I learned from Jane. This is a good example of the bowed dulcimer's ability to play the notes you don't have frets for.
Ken Bloom - bowed dulcimer, domra, guitar, zills, vocals
Jason Sypher - bass
Rose of the Mountain - from the playing of the great Kentucky fiddler, John Salyer.
Ken Bloom - bowed dulcimers, soprano clarinets, bass clarinet
Been All Around This World - I learned this around 1964 but I couldn't tell you where. It's just been something I've always played for myself.
Ken Bloom - bowed Dulcimer, vocal
John Aron's Farewell to Cuyahoga - I wrote this one for the concert zither. When Garfield was assassinated, no one ever wrote a lament for him that I am aware of. I have tried to fill this void in American musical history. ©Ken Bloom, 1985
Ken Bloom - concert zither, bowed ducimmer
Gallop to Georgia - a wonderful Mississippi tune from the playing of Namour and Smith. Harry is from Mississippi. I was born and raised in Los Angeles. The tune starts in Mississippi and gradually moves west and south.
Ken Bloom - bowed dulcimers, guitar, bass
Harry Bolick - fiddles
Neil Gow's Lament for his Second Wife - I was aware of this beautiful tune for many years but I never had an instrument I wanted to play it on till now. Ken Bloom - bowed dulcimer, guitar, pennywhistle Grey Cat on the Tennessee Farm - another All Time Country favorite of mine. One of the very few things I can play on the fiddle!
Ken Bloom - bowed dulcimer, vocal
Milky "Nuisance" Bolick - monosylabic vocal
Waltz for My Aunt Luba - I wrote this for my Great Aunt. When I was very young, she would tell me wonderful stories of what life was like in Nyeshen, the small town in Ukraine that my family came from.She would always mention the waltzes that were played. I think of her whenever I play it. © Ken Bloom, 1978
Ken Bloom - bowed dulcimer
Julian Kytasy - Chernihivka bandura
Grasshopper Sittin' on a Sweet Potato Vine - one my very favorite D tunes. I never could play it on the fiddle. Life is so much better now.
Ken Bloom - bowed dulcimer, pony banjo, guitar
Jason Sypher - bass
Over the Hills and Far Away - this song dates back to the 1690's. It is still played as a marching song in the British Army. These verses are all 18th century ones. I am a sergeant in the Royal Highland Emmigrants (2nd Bttn., 7th Coy.). This tunes is spectacularly popular around the camp fire.
Ken Bloom - bowed dulcimer, Northumbrian pipes, vocal
Vocal chorus - Ed Pitaro, Colleen Kiel
Texas - I learned this one at four in the morning from Jim Miller. Jim, Bill Taylor and I then sat up and played it for about two hours. This arrangement is the "Clifftop" approach. Every time the tune comes around again, someone else joins in. This one falls into the catagory of Progressive Primitive Old Time Music. The unusual B part is thanks to Jason. He learned it from a banjo player and I learned it from him. We did the regular B part the last time. Take your choice.
Ken Bloom - bowed dulcimers, domra, pony banjo
Jason Sypher - bass, bowed bass, "Out There" bass
Harry Bolick - fiddle