The Second Mississippi Fiddle tune Book!

A second book, encompassing the remaining known tunes,
Fiddle Tunes from Mississippi, Commercial and Informal Recordings, 1920-2018
is now available

Harry's Monthly Jam sessions

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Our Latest Recording:

Clifftop 2020 cover Our newest recording project is now
available for download!

We wait all year for the week of friends, music and camping at the Clifftop, WVA fiddle festival. When it ends, we start waiting again. With the pandemic of 2020 altering all of our lives, there was no Clifftop.

While we’re waiting for the next chance to go, we’ve wandered through the many years of festival memories. So many new friends and so much joyous music! In our camp we play a lot of pretty straight up old-time but with this talented crew, the music that we make in camp for ourselves often drifts into tunes inspired by tradition but adventuring a bit outside it.

This year, at home, missing the camaraderie, Harry composed 16 tunes to celebrate the memories of fine times at Clifftop and to hope for many more to come. In the spring we began carefully recording outdoors wearing masks and sitting too far apart on our screened-in porch. With the onset of cold weather we moved indoors to a high ceilinged basement with HEPA air filters. The tune titles are lifted straight from a map of the area surrounding Clifftop. Folks come from all directions to get there, so at least some the names are familiar signposts on our excited way to Clifftop.

We’re sharing these tunes with you via Bandcamp as “pay what you wish”.
Above all we just want you to hear 'em and have 'em.
$0 is fine, Really.

       -The Mississippi Travelers: Harry Bolick, Brian Slattery, Jacques DiCroce, Charlie Shaw